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At iPS, we understand that the order is the heart of your business.

  ~ Use our sales systems or yours
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Order Management

iPS has developed solutions to reduce the number of steps required from receiving a sales order to fulfillment and shipping.

With iPS, your orders are captured in our sales systems or yours, order data is delivered to our warehouse management system where the order is immediately eligible for same day, global fulfillment. Your customer’s order ships, tracking is immediately updated, you and your customer are notified, iPS eCommerce solutions are immediately updated and/or the shipment data is pushed to your sales system.

Using iPS eCommerce solution or Vwala!
As an iPS Client, you have the opportunity to use our B2B and DTC ecommerce and social sales solution where your customers, call center and sales representatives may enter orders, apply online payment or credit terms, manage orders, retrieve order and shipping history and track orders. Approved orders automatically integrate to our warehouse management system for immediate deduction from available inventory and shipping, Once your customer’s order has shipped, tracking is immediately updated and your customer is invoiced and notified.

Using a proprietary or 3rd-party sales solution
Set your orders to be sent in real-time or batched, to our SFTP server, iPS will ship and transmit shipping information to your customer and sales systems, as your orders ship.

Just want to enter your orders into our warehouse management system directly? No problem. As an iPS client, you may use Gateway.iPS to enter your orders, manage shipments and tracking, view inventory and access all fulfillment reports including receiving, returns, order history and stock alerts.

Ask your sales representative for easy instructions on getting started.


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