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iPS offers Flexible Shipping Options to suit your business needs, saving time and money.

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Flexible Shipping Options

iPS offers a wide range of shipping options, service levels and carriers. Our flexible shipping options allow our clients to use the carrier and service level by customer selection and/or client settings. Our shipping specialists will work with you to establish the most economical program for your product size, weight and value.

iPS Flexible Shipping Options:

Best Rate Service – all you have to include in the order is Standard, Expedited or Express and our systems will do the rest. We will allow you to select the criteria for your orders, which include; in-transit tracking, insurance, signature required, delivery confirmation, home delivery and more.

Customer Selects – send us the carrier and service level that your customer has selected for each order and we will ship the order, every time, as they expect.

iPS ships on our house accounts where we prepay and bill our clients and we also allow our clients to use their own shipping accounts. Included in either program is the option to bill shipping charges, per order, collect to the customer’s shipping account for all major carriers.

Our state-of-the-art warehouse management and fulfillment solution is integrated and compliant with all major carriers for accurate rating, tracking and manifesting.

We rely on the prompt and reliable shipping services of our valued shipping partners.

iPS maintains contracts with all major carriers including small parcel carriers and a long list of LTL (less than truckload) and TL (Truck Load) carriers, with daily pick-ups for domestic and international destinations.

International Shipping

iPS ships globally at no additional order fee or doc prep fee.

Insurance and Lost or Damaged Packages

UPS and FedEx parcels are automatically insured for up to $100 without additional cost. Additional insurance can be added for high-value products and orders.

Shipping Fulfillment Confirmations

Shipment tracking details are posted in real-time, as orders ship. Our online tools support our clients’ sales and support departments where information may be shared for customer service and invoicing purposes.

iPS sends advance ship notifications for each parcel that we ship and you may select this setting and we will email your customer with each shipment so that they know when to expect their shipment. The email includes your company information, customer order information and tracking information.


Return Labels and Merchandise Returns.

iPS can include prepaid return labels in your outgoing packages to ease the returns process for your customers.


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